Terminalia catappa

Family: Combretaceae   

Nama umum: Tropical almond

Sinonim ilmiah:
Phytolacca javanica, Terminalia mauritiana, Terminalia moluccana, Terminalia procera

Umum Sinonim:
Beach almond, Indian almond

Dingin tahan banting zona: 10a     Lihat Inggris dan zona peta AS

Terminalia catappa keterangan

Terminalia catappa is a large, spreading tree now distributed throughout the tropics in coastal en­vironments. The tree is tolerant of strong winds, salt spray, and moderately high salinity in the root zone. It grows principally in freely drained, well aerated, sandy soils. A  medium  to  large  tree  to  25–40  m (82–130 ft) in height and with a similar crown spread in open situations. At maturity the trunk attains a diameter at breast height of 50–150 cm (20–60 in).

Informasi Umum:
It's large leaves make this a popular house plant.


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